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Where East meets West

Where East meets West

Museum of Contemporary Arts

Just across the river, when you leave an old city center you will stumble on The Museum of Contemporary Arts. It is a very important factor in the cultural life of Serbia and Belgrade. Since its beginning, the Museum displays the most relevant artists, movements, and trends in International, Yugoslav, and Serbian 20th and 21st-century arts. The scope of diversity, that The Museum of Contemporary Arts offers makes a perfect start to find out more about the modern cultural life in Serbia.

Usce shopping mall

Make a quick break before you continue the tour. Near the Museum of Contemporary Arts lies „Ušće Shopping Mall “. Located on river bank, Ušće represents the crossing from the Old Belgrade to New Belgrede. It offers famous brands, great bars and restaurants and many amusement activities.

Zemun market

Your walking tour through the New Belgrade will lead you again to the old city area – the city of Zemun. What better place to experience the soul of this beautiful, former Austro-Hungarian pearl than the city market? It is in the center of Zemun near the river.

Reka Restaurant

Finish your tour at the Danube quay. This beautiful area is surrounded with nature and offers many great places to eat or have a drink. For this occasion, we recommend visiting “Reka” restaurant. Traditional food and great music await you there.