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Restaurants in Belgrade – Maria’s Choice

“Langouste” Restaurant

Photo by: langouste.rs

In the old town next to the Kalemegdan Fortress, with a fantastic view of the Sava River and the Danube, this exclusive restaurant tells its own special story. Langouste offers an innovative approach to gastronomy. World-famous Michelin-starred chef Guillaume Iskandar makes Langouste an excellent choice for hedonists with the most sophisticated tastes. Langouste goes beyond the usual limits and changes the Belgrade gastronomic scene with new tastes. A wonderful view of the sunset simultaneously melts into the tastes of French cuisine. This is definitely one of the restaurants in Belgrade that you must visit. Maria’s tip – be sure to ask the chef to create a dinner menu for you.

“Franš” Restaurant

Photo by: frans.rs

Restaurant Fransh is one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade. This restaurant is sure to satisfy all your senses. It is located near the Temple of St. Sava and next to the bridge “Gazela”, so it is very accessible from all parts of the city. The interior is a perfect combination of beauty and modernity. The garden is beautiful and large, full of greenery, interesting amphoras and fountains. Thus, it is a real oasis for concrete relaxation. The cuisine is very varied and international with experienced and friendly staff.

“Madera” Restaurant

Photo by: maderarestoran.com

When you mention Madera Restaurant, it is synonymous with a long history and tradition. Famous urban bohemians have been choosing this restaurant for decades as the place where they start and end their day. The building, built in the spirit of modernism, in 1937 with one of the most beautiful gardens in the city in the form of a romantic French pavilion, offers you an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Na Ćošku Restaurant

Photo by: nacosku.rs

“Na Ćošku” is the restaurant in the heart of Belgrade. With a respectable catering tradition, you can enjoy the pleasant ambiance and excellent experience of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The friendly staff is ready to take you through a seductive fusion of flavors. The selection of the main courses will make you feel like you have traveled all around the world.

Jerry Restaurant

Photo by: jerry.rs

The JERRY restaurant has had the epithet of an elite restaurant since 2012. The location of the restaurant is in the exclusive part of Belgrade and the interior is equipped to set standards for other restaurants. Top offer of food and drinks, as well as professional service. The hits of modern cuisine and a special commitment to traditional cooked dishes make the offer of this restaurant truly representative. Therefore, the restaurant is synonym for success, enjoyment, and well-deserved relaxation.

Suvenir Restaurant

Photo by: splavsuvenir.rs

The Souvenir Restaurant is located on the Sava embankment of the BB, in block 44 in New Belgrade. Souvenir is one of the most beautiful restaurants in Belgrade. Souvenir is the restaurant – draft, placed on the Sava river.

Kalemegdanska terasa Restaurant

Photo by: kalemegdanskaterasa.rs

Kalemegdanska Terasa Restaurant is located in the most beautiful area of Belgrade, Kalemegdan, and completely integrated in the fortress ambient.

Corso Restaurant

Photo by: korzo.rs

Restaurant on the Sava river with the magnificent view and excellent cuisine mixture. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and live music.

Vuk Restaurant

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Restaurant Vuk is a restaurant of national cuisine. The menu is based on traditional, national cuisine, which after centuries of refinement has achieved perfection in the balance of the most fantastic flavors of this climate. The restaurant is located in the very center of Belgrade on Vuk Karadzic Street – the creator of modern Serbian grammar, that’s why the restaurant is called Vuk. In the beautiful shade of the restaurant’s open terrace, in an alley 20 meters from Kneza Mihaila Street, you can try the famous veal soup and Serbian prosciutto.

Ima dana Restaurant

Photo by: reserve.rs

This restaurant is located in the heart of the old bohemian quarter of Skadarlija, in the center of spiritual, cultural, musical, economic and political events in Belgrade.

It nurtures and preserves the style and communication of the old city, Belgrade. Here is such old town and lordly music and song, folklore, reciters and animation, painting exhibitions and guest appearances by famous people. The guests of this restaurant were and are the most important figures of the world’s political, cultural, sports, economic and tourist scene. They were brought here by protocols (of all levels), domestic officials and businessmen, hosts, curiosity and recommendations of those who had already been. One of the most touching Old Town songs is called “Ima dana” and many generations have grown up with it, so this restaurant occupies a special place in Skadarlija because it connects people to the warm emotions of earlier times.

In the interior of blue tones, you will be welcomed by highly skilled staff and musical orchestras that continue and preserve the tradition of a good and beautiful connection between tradition and pleasure, outside the hustle and bustle of modern urban Belgrade, yet in its very center.

“Čajkovski” Restaurant in hotel Moskva

Photo by: aspermont.com

Hotel Moskva, which was opened in 1908 by King Petar I Karađorđević himself, was known as the place where the history of this area was created. Robert De Niro, Albert Einstein, Indira Gandhi, Luciano Pavarotti, Maxim Gorky, and Alfred Hitchcock are just some of the world-famous names that left an indelible mark on the Hotel Moskva. It is a place where you can taste the geographical origin and drink the elegance and eat the most delicious Moscow schnitt, a fruit cake, a brand of the Moscow Confectionery Hotel, created more than 40 years ago. And while you enjoy the aromas of almonds and cherries, which are rich in Moscow schnitt, let the sounds of the concert piano, the notes of which are kept in a part of the famous Tchaikovsky restaurant, take you back to the atmosphere of the distant 1900s and the time of the Belle Epoque in the spirit of which the restaurant equipped.

Klub Književnika Restaurant

Photo by: klubknjizevnika.rs

For more than 70 years, there has been a place that breathes and changes with Belgrade – the Club of Writers in Francuska Street.

The house, built in the middle of the 19th century, became the home of the Yugoslav literary elite after World War II. At the same time, a restaurant was established where writers from the association could meet and socialize. Very quickly, the Writers’ Club gained cult status as a place of intellectual courage, love of freedom and great ideas. Today, by the way, it has become a great place to visit before the theater.

The main features of the club’s menu are quality ingredients, mostly of domestic origin, and the unique culinary style of one of the most famous chefs, Branko Kisić.